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Homeopathy of the Spine

spine diagram These techniques are an extraordinarily gentle and effective system of spinal alignment. The two fundamental beliefs of this system are: that the body has the ability to heal itself and that body structure governs body functions. A poorly aligned structure will produce sluggish organ functioning, backaches, neck problems or joint pains.

This system is based on the work of Arthur Lincoln Pauls, a British trained Osteopath who developed a system called Ortho Bionomy. He taught his method to Susan Feinbloom. It is a system of working with the innate reflexes of the body to bring about better structural alignment. The techniques are gentle and completely non-forceful. They combine the contacting of tense trigger points of the body with the movements which initiate self corrective reflexes. These movements are an exaggeration of the persons preferred posture. Exaggerating this position allows muscular and ligimentous tension to release, increasing the body's ability to obtain more balance. As a spirit we know our imbalances are our best attempt to create homeostasis with our wounding. Working with innate healing energy is deeply respectful and validating of our client's space.

Phased Reflex Techniques
•  Learn the general pattern, how to locate points of pain, tension and stiffness
•  Learn specific trigger points for every joint in the body
•  Learn to restore the natural balance and rhythm of the body
•  Learn to heighten your perceptual clarity and sensitivity.

    2014 DATES


Healdsburg Stamford Long Island

  Homeopathy of the Spine - Read Details Below



  May 9-11, 2015

  Friday, Sat. Sun. - 10 a.m.-5:00 p.m.


Total Program Fee: $350.00
Checks made payable to: Susan Feinbloom
$100 non-refundable deposit is required. Balance due first day of class.

Reserve your space now.
CE Provider No. 12907 - 18 CE credits for class
Call for information 1 (707) 433 7135



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