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Susan Feinbloom
Susan Feinbloom

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Long Distance Readings & Healings
Interactive Readings |
Spiritual Counseling
Individual Training In Psychic Tools For Everyday Reality

I will take a look at how your energy flows in relation to your primary concerns -

What energies are affecting your ability to create your goals
to create your future the way you want it?

We can look at relationship patterns -

- Who do you attract to you & why
- Career
- Money
- Health

All of these in relation to your ability to have what you want.

What blocks your creations and what supports them?

How to align with your creations?


Psychic Psychotherapy
This has to do with the physical body, the emotions and the spiritual body.

Emotions are neither good not bad – they are a communication from the body to you - the being in a fundamental way – the simplified way.

They are divided into:

– Your own emotions
– Those of others running through your body
– Programming & Limiting or Diverting you

In psychic psychotherapy, we use meditation to:

– Clear foreign energy
– Clairvoyance to see the truth
– Grounding to release what we have already completed

So that we can move on to new vistas of awareness and growth.

In our culture, we have no real concept of release,
no concept of grounding to complete past events,
past time debts and unfinished business.
We have become cluttered with voices from the past
that direct and control our new creations.

Our creations become progressively more controlled from our past,
and we feel less and less in affinity for what we can manifest now.

We have become alienated from ourselves.
There is an isolation, a deep loneliness we feel when -

We are not addressed as spirit
We are not seen
Are invisible
Do not exist

Both to ourselves and others.

Psychic psychotherapy is about being seen as spirit - in present time.
Bridging the gap between our essential nature & our movements in the world;
what we can do and manifest.



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