Susan Feinbloom
, Rev., LCSW, C. Hom, LMT, CH. T., Author, Facilitator, Clairvoyant Psychotherapist
            Guiding Souls to Heal & Grow

Susan Feinbloom
Susan Feinbloom

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Rev. Susan Feinbloom
Author of "Unwinding the Soul" and 2 CDs "Heaven & Earth: Meditations" and "Meditations on the Chakras"

In addition to private sessions, I offer classes in:
• Clairvoyance and the Chakras
• Shamanic Journey techniques
• Cranial/Sacral Bodywork
• Homeopathy of the Spine Bodywork

These modalities are all available in any combination to support you in actualizing your highest self-concept. You are a miracle!

Susan teaches classes in Clairvoyance, Meditation, the Chakras, Shamanic techniques of healing and holds trainings for Psychotherapists in her methods. Her classes are currently held in New York and Healdsburg, California.

For more information call:
(707) 433-7135
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"My work is the nurturance of the soul – to discover and support our innate creativity, individuality, and certainty by encouraging awareness and
expression of our uniqueness. You are a miracle!"
~ Susan Feinbloom

Susan has spent a lifetime developing her unique healing approach. Her passion is for helping people recognize who they are and help get them on a healing path toward integrated balance. With 40 years experience as a psychotherapist – 30 of those years as a psychic psychotherapist – she brings a multitude of healing modalities to her practice.

She graduated from Hunter Graduate School in New York City with a Master’s Degree in Social Work; and earned status as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California and New York. Susan’s education continued throughout the years as she became trained in Transformational Breath Work and Gestalt Therapy and achieved certification as a Professional Hypnotherapist from the Alchemy Institute of Santa Rosa, California. She attended the Pacific Academy of Homeopathy Medicine, where she became a certified Homeopathic Consultant. This lead her to Santa Barbara, California, where she studied Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan.

Adding to Susan’s other academic achievements, she attended the Colorado Cranial Institute and the Milne Visionary Cranial Institute where she learned a specialized bodywork method, training with Arthur Pauls, D.O.

During the past 30 years, Susan’s spiritual and metaphysical trainings have added deep significance to her work as a Clairvoyant Psychotherapist. She studied Shared Visions at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and Church of Aesclepion Healing; and attended the Newton Institute, where she studied with Michael Newton, author of “journey of Souls,” and “ destiny of Souls,” and became certified as a Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression HJypnotherapist. Her diversified, extensive, and specialized background bring further dimension to her practice and her clients as she assists them to recognize their true nature as Spirit.

In addition to Susan’s private consulting and healing practice, she offers classes in Clairvoyance and the Chakras, Shamanic Journey Techniques, Crainial/Sacral Bodywork, and Homeopathy of the Spine Bodywork. She is the author of “Unwinding the Soul,” a collection of psychological, mystical, and revelatory poems.

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