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Susan Feinbloom
Susan Feinbloom

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Hello Cover
A Step-by-Step Guide to Awakening Inner Vision

Hello! is that rare new work that succeeds in being a guide to spiritual empowerment, natural health and healing, and most importantly, intuition development.
Brian Erwin, Publishing Executive

A guide to meditation and the chakras charts an esoteric route to spiritual enlightenment. Although raised an atheist, Feinbloom (Unwinding the Soul, 2014, etc.) has been a psychotherapist specializing in clairvoyance and shamanism for more than 40 years…She aims with this book to help readers discover their “purpose for this incarnation” and achieve spiritual well-being by releasing pain and trauma and grounding the body through proper energy alignment. The author refers to herself as a “spiritual midwife” and here takes on the role of an encouraging coach, beginning many sections with “Hello!” and repeating the refrain “Good job!” Most chapters also end with “Enjoy!”—this is meant to be a jubilant journey alongside a friendly guide. Feinbloom gives detailed information about the eight chakras—from their Sanskrit names to their individual connotations, especially how energy flows through them. Specific meditation exercises follow the discussion of each chakra, offering a chance to put the material into practice. The book’s general advice about overcoming defensiveness and psychic wounds, and cultivating forgiveness and creativity, remains solid…Readers receptive to New Age techniques should glean useful tips from this handbook.
Kirkus Review, Kirkus Indie, Kirkus Media LLC

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