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Who We Are and What Are We Doing Here?

Deep inside in our superconscious mind we have access to our soul level memory. As we merge with this level of consciousness we can find answers to the most profound questions:

What is my purpose on earth?
Where do I go after I die?
Who are the spirits in my soul group?
Who is my spirit guide and council of wise elders?
Why did I choose the difficult and the loving relationships in this life?

The Life Between Lives Soul Regression Session is a deeply profound exploration of the souls journey in between lifetimes. A journey of our true and immortal home. This work is based upon the years of research of Dr. Michael Newton, author of "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls".

The Life Between Life Soul Regression Session

Life Between Life Spiritual Regression (LBL) is a deep hypnosis technique based on the groundbreaking research and instruction of Michael Newton PhD, author of the best selling books "Journey of Souls" and "Destiny of Souls". This process takes us deeper than the subconscious mind where we access past life and early childhood memories. It takes us into the superconscious mind where we access soul level memories.

Past Life Regression As Pre-Requisite

The LBL session differs from other hypnosis techniques in that it requires a deeper level trance; a deep relaxation of the body and a simultaneous alertness of the superconscious mind. People differ in their ability to reach this level of trance so it is advisable to have a Past Life Regression session (PLR) prior to the LBL to first explore your ability to be regressed. It also helps release any unconscious fears about this type of work.

A Past Life Regression session is about two hours. A Life Between Lives session is about four hours including the pre-session interview. (Restroom breaks are incorporated into the session).

What Is an LBL Session For?

It is an integral part of our human design to yearn, to know who we truly are, to strive, to evolve in consciousness, expand to a larger picture of why we live and die.

What is the larger context of the challenges we face emotionally, in physical health, spiritually? How can we discover the relevance and even the original intention for this incarnation? Is there a game plan, specific lessons, intentions for learning and growth we signed up for? What happens after death? Who are my guides? What do I do in the spirit world?

These are the questions that may get addressed during the course of the LBL session.

What Will I Experience?

You will relax in a cushioned recliner chair in a very private country setting in my office. We will begin by reviewing the Cast of Characters and questions that you have prepared. Then we will begin some deep relaxation images for both body and mind. Next the journey begins. The journey begins going back through childhood to deepen the hypnotic trance. We do not explore early life traumas since the focus of this session is the soul state. We stop at the womb to experience the original connection to the body, the original merging of body and soul. Next, I guide you back to a past life in order to enter the spirit world in the natural way - gently moving through the death of a previous lifetime.

Now the deep work, the superconscious explorations begins. What happens next? Who comes to greet you, to guide you? Who is your primary guide? What does it feel like to be in the presence of this loving, all accepting being? Who is in your soul group? Do you meet your soul mate? How do you communicate with these close fellow travelers? How do you help and give feed back to these close ones? What is your soul work? How are you learning and growing in your non incarnated state? How does this all relate to your present incarnation? What is communicated between you and your Council of Elders? This is one of the opportunities to address any questions with these Elders. Questions can also be addressed with your guide. An example of such questions as why did I choose my parents, siblings, this particular body.

You may explore other areas that are unique to your own journey during this session.

People usually have a beatific glow following an LBL. Your life and the challenges you face come into a much bigger context. The places we have felt powerless have light shed upon them. The love that is abundant in the spirit world is now ours to hold in our hearts. It is a precious and awakening journey.

LBL Policies

Fees: $500.00

The fee for the Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression hypnotherapy session is $500.00, regardless of length. Typically, the sessions are about 4 hours including the pre-induction interview.

A Past Life Regression hypnotherapy session approximately 2 hours and is $250.00.

Deposit: $250.00

A deposit of one-half the amount of the session ($250.00) is required at the time you book your appointment. THIS BECOMES NON-REFUNDABLE 72 HOURS BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT.

Cash and checks are accepted. I do not accept credit cards as payment.

Cancellation Policy:

Appointments cancelled after the 72 hour cancellation period will be charged the full deposit of $250.00.


Please email twylight@sonic.net or call (707) 433-7135 with any questions you may have regarding the LBL session. This is also the way to contact me to set up an appointment.

What You Will Need For Your Session

1. List of Cast of Characters:

This Cast of Character list is a typed sheet listing the first names and relationship to you of people who have significantly impacted your life, both positively and negatively. It may include relatives, lovers, best friends (or antagonists) and teachers. It should be condensed to include only the most significant people. It rarely consists of more than 10 names.

Include four adjectives that describe their personality as you perceive them.

Example: Ira - first love: creative, musical, loyal, jealous.

This list is to familiarize me with some of the people in your present life should they show up in the session.

2. List of Questions:

Create a brief list of questions that you would like to have answered during the Life Between Lives Session.

3. An Additional Tape Recorder:

If you would like your session taped please bring a recorder. Most cell phones record with your code.

4. Getting the Most Out of Your Session:

The LBL session is approximately 4 hours. To get the most out of your session, do not plan to travel on the day of your session. If you come the day before you can be well rested for the session. Eat a good breakfast and avoid too much liquid or caffeine. The caffeine can interfere with your ability to deeply relax into the trance depth necessary for accessing soul level memory. You may be tired after the session and continuing to process all that transpired.

5. Travel:

My office is in a vineyard in the Russian River Wine Country approximately 2 hours north of the San Francisco airport or the Oakland airport. The Holiday Inn Express in Sebastopol (707) 829-6677 is about 20 minutes from my office. The Raford House, a Bed and Breakfast in Forestville (707) 887-9573, is 5 minutes from my office. There are many additional hotels. My office is near beautiful redwood forest parks and about 40 minutes from the coastal beaches. There are many serene places to walk and integrate your experience.




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