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Susan Feinbloom
Susan Feinbloom

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Clairvoyant Psychotherapy
A healing modality developed by Susan Feinbloom

This work is groundbreaking in the field of psychotherapy. Susan Feinbloom uses traditional psychotherapy techniques to aid her clients in probing the roots of their emotional difficulties. This is her foundation. It's what happens next that is groundbreaking. In addition to being trained as a psychotherapist, Susan has spent the last thirty years honing her skills as a clairvoyant.

Her psychotherapy goes beyond intuition into the use of clairvoyance - clear seeing - exploring energetic patterns and movements as they apply to and elucidate emotional states. Ancient wisdoms, the energetic anatomy, the chakras - information that has been deeply buried in the subconscious is explored as it reveals prior wounding, programming and imprints. These all form the underlying limits that block the client's access to their brilliance, talents and unique vision of their own lives.

Susan Feinbloom has pioneered new ways of working with the mind -- through the mind to access information that holds the key to achieving an individual's highest healing energy.

Like shining a beacon in the dark, Susan's techniques fuse modern psychotherapy with ancient spiritual wisdom. This has given her the ability to see beyond the limits of ordinary reality in order to discover underlying causes of illness, disease and emotional trauma.

Susan has written two books on the subject. The first, released in 2014, "Clairvoyant Psychotherapy," opened the way; and her newest book, "Hello, A step-by-step buide for awakening inner vision," takes the practice deep and meaningful for those who are looking for ways to self-heal.

Through healing classes or private appointments with Susan, either in New York or California, you will learn how she works with individuals to help them access their subconscious knowing, the source of all self-healing. This reveals how each individual can do this work for themselves.

(See Book ReviewPage for more information about these books.)

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