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Cranial Sacral Balancing


Cranial-Sacral bodywork is a system of healing that releases tensions in the cranial bones and the membranes deep to them. This allows the cerebral-spinal fluid to flow in its intended space, bathing the brain and spinal cord. Working this way requires the sensitivity to perceive internal rhythms and patterns. It is both very gentle and deeply relaxing - rekindling deep soul memories.

Level I: The focus is on increasing the sensitivity and receptivity of touch. A protocol for cranial lifts, decompression, compressions, and perceiving rhythms will be taught. This will leave you with a complete protocol for beginning your practice.

Level II: Here we deepen our ability to perceive where we are being called to touch. Unwinding is a way of following subtle rhythms that unlatch energy blocks, charged places of emotional holdings in the body.

In Cranial II, we will continue to focus on deepening our sensitivity of touch. We will learn unwinding, the following of subtle rhythms.
•  Unwinding the Sacrum
•  Unwinding the Sacrum coupled with the Anterior Superior Iliac Spines.
•  Coupled release of Sacrum and the Symphisis Pubis Piriformis, Coccygeus and Psoas release.
Will continue to work the cranium with coupled holds.
•  Sphenoid and Mandible
•  Sphenoid and Zygoma
Finally, we will apply the unwinding techniques to the neck and limbs.

    2014 DATES


Healdsburg Stamford Long Island

 Cranial Sacral Balancing

  July 8-10   Level I      
  TBA   Level II    

Total Program Fee: $350.00
Checks made payable to: Susan Feinbloom
$100 non-refundable deposit is required. Balance due first day of class.

Reserve your space now.
CE Provider No. 12907 - 18 CE credits for class
Call for information 1 (707) 433 7135



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